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Hiking in Your Golden Years: The Benefits & How to Get Started

As I climbed over the milestone of 60 years old, I find myself reflecting on the activities that have kept me healthy and active throughout my life. One of the pursuits that has brought me tremendous satisfaction and numerous physical and mental benefits is hiking. But my love for movement and the great outdoors extends beyond just hiking. I also discovered my passion for skiing almost 40 years ago when I was in my twenties, and I have been hooked ever since. Back then, I was working a corporate job, which left me with limited time to pursue my hobbies....

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10 Tips to Avoid Crowded Trails This Summer

While I do appreciate hiking with my family and friends and sharing the experience with fellow hikers, I also value the opportunity to be alone in nature. Hiking serves as a form of moving meditation for me, allowing me to clear my thoughts or ponder on new projects and ideas. During these solitary hikes, I prefer to avoid crowds and fully immerse myself in the tranquility of nature.Today, I’m here to share 10 easy-to-follow rules that help me to have more solitude on the trails (or at least close to it). 1. Hit the trails early or late:  First and...

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How to set goals if you are not a planning geek

I am not a planning geek, but I still need to move with my plans and set goals.I’ve been noticing some kind of springtime relapse in the writers of posts about the importance of goal-setting lately.The number of posts in my social feed grew with the rise of the temperature outside.All these posts are about the same: to be successful you should set goals and follow them.5-year plan, 3-year plan, 1-year plan, quarter plan, and finally day plan, if not an hour plan. I just wonder how many such superhumans you know, who can plan years ahead and stick to...