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Hiking in Austria: Exploring Gratlspitz’s Majesty via Holzalm Path

Today, I wish to share with you the tale of a journey to one of the most splendid summits nestled within the valleys of Wildschönau and Alpbach – the Gratlspitz. Its twin-peaked crown beckons with an enchanting allure. To reach the Gratlspitz summit, there are several routes, stemming from Alpbach or Wildschönau. Today, I shall recount the path that commences from the village of Thierbach, nestled in the Charming Wildschönau valley. Thierbach itself merits an account. Resting at an elevation of 1153 meters, it stands as Tyrol’s loftiest inhabited settlement. Amidst resplendent peaks and expansive alpine meadows, it imparts a...

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10 Tips to Avoid Crowded Trails This Summer

While I do appreciate hiking with my family and friends and sharing the experience with fellow hikers, I also value the opportunity to be alone in nature. Hiking serves as a form of moving meditation for me, allowing me to clear my thoughts or ponder on new projects and ideas. During these solitary hikes, I prefer to avoid crowds and fully immerse myself in the tranquility of nature.Today, I’m here to share 10 easy-to-follow rules that help me to have more solitude on the trails (or at least close to it). 1. Hit the trails early or late:  First and...

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Hiking Snacks: What Shepherds Can Teach Us About Mountain Food

Climbing mountains and living in the mountains have been a part of human life for centuries. While some people climb mountains for the challenge, the view, or the bragging rights, there are others who live in the mountains and consider it their habitat.  Among them are shepherds, who spend months in the mountains with their flocks, walking long distances every day and overcoming challenging terrain. I have had the opportunity to observe the life of shepherds in several countries, including Kyrgyzstan and Switzerland. Despite the differences in geography and culture, I have noticed that the life of shepherds in the...