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Skiing The Milky Way

Just came back from a ski week in Sestriere with my family, including my 15-month-old son, and it was a fantastic experience.
I have a very special relationship with this place. I did one of my first seasons in Montgenevre, a French resort just across the border from Sestriere and part of the same skiing area – Vialattea (the Milky Way). It means I know the place inside out.

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8 Healthy snacks for your hiking adventures

Hiking is all about enjoying nature, enjoying time with your family, kids or friends and getting of the grid. My kids like walking. They also like our walking breaks because they know they will be treated with some good stuff to refill their energy tanks! Let me share with you some of our favorite healthy snacks that we take with us on our hiking adventures. We pick snacks with a good combination of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates that keep us full and give us lasting energy. The other criteria for picking snacks is that they stay fresh in warm...

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8 Tips To Start Winter Hiking with Kids

Winter hiking can be a great way to get your kids outdoors and help them develop a love for nature and the outdoors. There are many benefits to winter hiking, including: To make this experience truly enjoyable however there are certain important things to know and to follow. Organization is a key for any outdoor activity and even more so if we are talking about hiking with kids AND, even more so if there is a winter outside! We started to take our son on winter hikes when he was only 5 months old and it was such a joy...